Finding a trusted facility that offers the AFA peel in Richmond Hill can be difficult. Lucky for you, we’re not that far away! With our help, you can eliminate signs of ageing with amazing results that last.

Conveniently located in Richmond Hill, our beauty experts are always ready to give you an exceptional AFA peel treatment.

What is the AFA peel?

The AFA peel is a type of chemical peel that has become an essential part of many women’s skincare regimen. AFA stands for Amino acid Filaggrin. It is an antioxidant that works to retain the moisture in your skin, leaving it looking fresh, renewed, and hydrated. AFA peels are also acidic. They work as effective exfoliants yet cause minimal irritation to the skin because they are made from the same type of amino acids found in the body. The AFA peel is actually one of the few chemical peels that do not make your skin sun-sensitive, making it the perfect option for all skin types.

The benefits of the AFA peel

Diminishes fine lines
Gets rid of dead skin
Reduces signs of ageing
Rejuvenates and renews skin
Promotes collagen production
Reduces the appearance of sunspots
Helps with acne by promoting skin exfoliation and opening pores
Gives your skin a beautiful glow

Who’s a Good Candidate for the AFA Peel?

We recommend the AFA peel for all skin types since it’s a powerful treatment that is nonabrasive on the skin. It’s also an ideal treatment for patients with oily and acne-prone skin, normal to oily skin, and normal skin.

When you come to our spa, we will give your skin a thorough evaluation to determine whether the AFA peel is the right skin treatment for you.

Are AFA peels effective?

At Eclat Spa, we offer two in-office AFA treatments that perfectly complement AFA at-home products. It’s good that you combine both types of AFA treatments so that you get the most out of them. Our chemical peel specialists in Richmond Hill are trained to perform the following procedures:


The wonderful thing about this type of AFA treatment is that it comes in various strengths: 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60. These numbers refer to the concentration percentage of amino acids in the products. This quality in these AFA peels makes them highly effective because they can be customized to each patient and what their skin needs. For optimum results, we recommend you undergo 6 consecutive treatments, with 1-2 weeks between each session. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your skin!

Price $90


This AFA peel is a 2-step treatment designed to optimize exfoliation of the dermis with little irritation to the skin. Step one of this procedure includes applying a clay face mask to the skin. The clay reduces oils and impurities and enhances the effectiveness of the peel. In the second step, we apply a gel form of the peel, concentrated with amino acids. The gel works well with the clay mask that we already apply, and together they provide the results many women seek.

Price $125

AFA Antioxidant Peel Aftercare

It’s no doubt that aftercare is essential in any chemical-grade peel. Similarly, AFA peel aftercare is important to get the results that you want.

After your AFA treatment, you will experience minor redness in the skin. It’s not something to worry about; it’s temporary and completely normal to experience this. If the redness persists, we recommend a mild anti-inflammatory cream that helps soothe your face.

The whole point of a chemical peel is to exfoliate and generate new skin cells. So within 24-48 hours after your AFA session, you will begin to notice some flaking in your skin. Let the uppermost layer of your skin peel off and don’t pick at your face. Simply follow your day-to-day skincare routine, then you’ll be able to have your own “AFA peel before and after” comparison.

Q&A about AFA chemical peels

I have dull skin. Will a chemical peel help with this?

A peel is one of the leading dull skin remedies that offer fabulous results. The treatment promotes the growth of new hydrating skin layers, which boost the radiance of your skin and eliminate dullness.

I’m looking for a chemical peel spa near me, where is your clinic located?

I need to find a chemical peel near me is a question we hear very often. We are not too far from Toronto. You can find the Eclat Spa in Maple, Richmond Hill.

Are AFA peels painful?

One of the biggest concerns clients have with this treatment is whether or not it’s painful. During the procedure, you may feel a minor tingling sensation, but that is about as painful as it gets.

How frequently do you recommend peel treatment?

It depends on your skin type and desired results. For those looking for more in-depth treatment, we suggest waiting 7 to 10 days between sessions.

How much does the AFA peel cost?

We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments to see tangible results. For optimum results, however, we encourage you to get 5-6 treatments every 7-10 days initially. Then, you can reduce the frequency of the AFA peel to once a month. 

For acne-prone skin, a minimum of 6 AFA treatments over 6 consecutive weeks is the best option to start with. As your skin gradually clears up, you can reduce the treatment frequency to once every 2-3 weeks as maintenance.
One-step AFA peel cost is $90, 2-step AFA Clay peel is $125

I have acne, will AFA peels help with that?

Yes! AFA peels promote exfoliation of the skin, helping to open up skin pores. P.acne bacteria which a main cause of adolescent and adult acne thrives in the environment deprived of Oxygen. By unclogging pores, Oxygen-rich environment created inside the pores, P.acne bacteria cannot survive and acne problem is reduced and often solved if AFA peels done regularly and augmented by proper Home Skin Products.

If you’re ready to schedule your AFA chemical peel appointment, we encourage you to give us a call/message today. If you have more questions or are still on the fence, call/message us to book a free consultation. We want your skin to look radiant and beautiful, so take advantage of the many benefits from a peel treatment and enjoy the fabulous results!

Our clients visit to receive our AFA peel from all over the GTA, including Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton, Barrie and more.. 

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