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Crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes

When we smile, our whole face is animated. Lots of muscles participate in this facial expression including circular muscles around the eyes – orbicularis oculi. Orbicularis oculi lie around the eye and are responsible for formation of small wrinkles around the eyes – crow’s feet. With age skin loses its elasticity and collagen, skin becomes thin and damaged from negative influence of the environment and photo-damage.

What can be done to prevent formation of crow’s feet around the eyes. …

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Skin Care Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid is a sugar molecule which occurs naturally in our skin, helps to keep it moisturized, plump, and younger looking by binding water to collagen. With age we lose HA leaving skin dehydrated and shrivelled contributing to appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging. …

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Skin Care Ingredients: Vitamin C


Vit C, aka ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant fighting off damage from the sun and other environmental negative factors. Vit C used topically in many skin care products: serums, creams, toners etc. Vit C helps to protect and repair your skin, enhances its beauty by protecting collagen and increasing its production. …

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Skin Care Ingredients: CERAMIDES


Lipid molecules holding skin cells together. Ceramides help forming skin’s protective barrier battling negative influence of UV lights, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. Help retain moisture in the skin to keep it plump and younger looking. Ceramides constitute more than 50% of outer skin layer. …

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Tips for Good Looking Skin

  • sunscreen every day at all seasons.
  • stay hydrated.
  • eat vitamin C rich foods to boost collagen production and protect from sun damage.
  • wash your face every night with gentle cleanser.
  • Gentle exfoliation 1-2 times per week with exfoliant serums to keep skin plump and reduce/prevent acne.
  • Deeper exfoliation done by professional every 6-12 months to boost collagen production and speed up cell turn over for wrinkle reduction,

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Vampire Facial

В Eclat Spa – новый сервис, vampire facial также известная как процедура нехирургической подтяжки лица. Vampire Facial это комбинация микронидлинг и плазмотерапии (microneedling and prp) – плазмолифтинг. Это делается на коже лица, шеи чтобы уменьшить или совсем убрать морщинки, размер пор, акне шрамы, чтобы сделать кожу плотнее, ровнее по цвету и текстуре, за счет усиленного производства коллагена и элластина в коже. Процедуру можно сделать на коже любой части тела чтобы убрать или уменьшить растяжки, шрамы, морщинки, …

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Процедура микронидлинг

Процедура микронидлинг так же известная как Коллаген-стимулирующая терапия.Микронидлинг драматически улучшает состояние кожи значительно уменьшая: …