Dry rough skin with small red bumps, commonly found on upper arms, thighs, buttocks, sometimes on face cheeks.


Too much of dead keratin cells forming a plug around a hair and blocking the hair follicle, hence the redness and the uneneveness of the affected skin.


  • apply moisturizer cream after showerchemical peels done professionally 5 treatments every 2 weeks 1-2/year.
  • exfoliating serums for the affected skin 1-2/week.
  • retinol containing cream to increase skin turnover 1-2/week.
  • minimize skin friction from tight clothes.

At Eclat Spa ( eclatspa.com) we offer excellent home skin care products from AFA and Rejudicare lines:

At Home Exfoliants

AFA Gel Mild – 9% Amino-based Fruit Antioxidants and Vitamin C blend for gentle exfoliation. Good for first time users and people with very sensitive dry skin. 30ml $114.

AFA Gel Plus – 15% Amino-based Fruit Antioxidants and Vitamin C blend for more powerful exfoliation. For people with combined to oily skin. 30 ml $127.

AFA Gel Max – 19% Amino-based Fruit Antioxidants and Vitamin C blend for the most effective and powerful exfoliation. Excellent for people with oily skin prone to acne, also for people with good tolerance to exfoliants. 30ml $144.

We also have:

AFA cleanser – infused with Vitamin C and Dead Sea minerals. Gentle foam forming product is very efficient for cleansing skin from oils, and makeup. 240ml $53.

AFA moisturiser – with Viramin C, Dead Sea mjnerals and AFA complex blend(oil-free cream). 2 types for dry and oily skin. 28g $93.

All AFA products are also excellent for treatment of acne, fine wrinkles, melasma.

Rejudicare Retinol Creams

Retinol SRX – Mild The most gentle formulation containing Retinol in 3 forms: encapsulated, natural and synthetic. Perfect for first-time users and those with very sensitive skin. 30ml $74

Retinol SRX – Moderate strength great for all skin types. Controlled and extended release of Retinll to skin to increase skin turn over and address signs of skin aging. 30ml $83

Retinol SRX – Max. The most concentrated and powerful combination. of 3 types of Retinol. Non -irritating, firming cream makes skin tighter, smooth, glowing. 30ml $111


Exfobrite – Potent mixture of two AHAs – Glycolic and Mandelic Acid for effective exfoliation and argan oil to prevent irriatation and inflammation. Brightens, smoothes and sftens skin by promoting slough off dead skin cells. 50ml $64

Cleanser and Moisturiser:

SkinCleanse – Gentle non-irritating non-drying foaming cleanser gel derived from natural ingredients cleanse skin from oils and makeup with single application. 150 ml $41

Emolia – Soothing and reparing moisturizer with peptides and vitamins E and Omega-6 for all types of skin. 50ml $67

All Rejudicare products are excellent anti-aging products for elimination of wrinkles through increase in collagen production and acceleration in skin turn over.

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