When we smile, our whole face is animated. Lots of muscles participate in this facial expression including circular muscles around the eyes – orbicularis oculi. Orbicularis oculi lie around the eye and are responsible for formation of small wrinkles around the eyes – crow’s feet. With age skin loses its elasticity and collagen, skin becomes thin and damaged from negative influence of the environment and photo-damage.

What can be done to prevent formation of crow’s feet around the eyes.

Crow’s feet wrinkles

It is very important to stay hydrated and to protect your skin from sun. Wear a hat, avoid unnecessary sun exposure. Use proper skin care products: Vitamin C and E are great ingredients which protect skin from sun damage and boosts collagen production, ceramides and hyaluronic acid ensure skin stays hydrated and preserve it’s plumpness.

Retinol or neuropeptides ( good alternative for people who are not able to tolerate retinol) increase collage and elastin production as well and are great anti-aging ingredients Wearing sunscreen at all times all year round is a great measure to protect your skin and help preserve its elasticity, and proper density. To prevent formation of crow’s feet even further injections of botulinum toxin can be used to relax muscles around the eyes – orbicularis oculi. Partial targeted relaxation of muscles around the eyes leads to significant reduction of formation of crow’s feet wrinkles.

A well rounded complex approach to treat crow’s feet ensures great results over time.