What is Fire & Ice Facial Treatment

Fire & Ice facial treatment consists of Retinol peeling and a super hydration hyaluronic acid mask. This is an excellent treatment for skin rejuvenation and acceleration of skin cell renewal. Fire & Ice is very helpful for acne-prone skin to minimize acne breakouts and inflammation. For more information about fire & ice facial treatment please visit our beauty clinic in Richmond Hill.

Benefits of Fire & Ice Facial

  • Immediate improvement, without downtime
  • Rapidly and safely resurface the skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Fire & Ice Facial Treatment Richmond Hill

Retinol is a fat-dissolving vitamin A and that is why it is able to go through the lipid layer of the skin and start working at the deeper skin layers. Retinol facilitates skin regeneration working on a cellular level. Increased skin metabolism results in the production of new cells and the exfoliation of old dead skin cells. As a result, the skin looks healthy, plump, and hydrated.

Fire & Ice facial treatment helps resurface, and revitalize the skin, and gives a noticeable effect resulting in a glowing, smooth, plump, and hydrated skin complexion with no downtime. Other benefits of Fire& Ice treatment include pore size reduction and an evening of skin color and tone.

Fire & Ice Facial combines retinol peeling and hyaluronic acid mask and is an excellent treatment for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

Fire & Ice Facial Procedure and Results

Fire & Ice treatment also works on skin texture minimizing scarring, small lines, and wrinkles. Treatment also helps with acne and reduces hyperpigmentation. Several treatments every 2-3 weeks are recommended for continuing improvement of the skin. A series of 4-7 treatments is recommended to reach significant skin goals.

Fire & Ice Facial Aftercare

Fire & Ice facial treatment is safer for all skin types. Home skin care recommended works synergistically with professional treatments at the Eclat Spa. Using SPF 30+ sunscreen is encouraged and required to protect skin from harmful UV rays and ensure excellent results. Vitamin C serum every morning and evening helps to build collagen and makes sunscreen hundreds of times more effective.

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*Individual results may vary

**Images are courtesy of RGR Pharma