Let’s talk about the lashline. Permanent makeup done on eyelash line also called lashline enhancement or just lashline. What is lashline enhancement and who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Permanent Makeup for Your Lashes

What Is Lashline Enhancement?

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Lashline enhancement is implanting black pigment on the lashline surface. This procedure gives your eyes a brighter look and can compliment anyone! Have you ever used mascara and like how your eyes look bigger and more accentuated? If you want a similar look without using mascara, then lashline enhancement permanent makeup is for you. No more smudged mascara under your eyes, no more irritated red eyes from your makeup at the end of the day, look fabulous all day long with permanent lashline.

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Permanent lashline is not exactly an eyeliner, though an eyeliner can always be added to your lashline later. An enhanced permanent lashline looks gorgeous on everyone as it is done subtly and gracefully to accentuate natural beauty of the client’s eyes. Permanent lashline lasts up to 3 years.

Lashline Enhancement Procedure

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During this procedure at Eclat Spa, we use 2 types of topical anesthetics containing lidocaine: Elma cream and anesthetic gel (safe for eyes). The use of 2 types of topical anesthetics allows maximum comfort during this procedure.

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At Eclat Spa, we use certified sterile pigments PermaBlend which are designed specifically for permanent makeup. PermaBlend pigments are safe, non-fading in the sun, giving beautiful guaranteed results.

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During the permanent makeup procedure, it is very important how deep in the skin the pigment is implanted. For permanent makeup, optimal depth for pigment implantation is much more shallow than during traditional tattoo allowing for beautiful colour to appear on the skin without turning blue or grey as happens with tattoos. At Eclat Spa, we use professional tattoo machines with excellent control over the needle which allows for proper implantation of pigment at optimal depth in the skin.

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Please contact us to book your appointment for your gorgeous permanent lashline or any other permanent makeup procedure.