At Eclat Spa, we strive to make your makeup routine flawless and uncomplicated. One of the ways we achieve this is through our permanent eyeliner services. We know that applying eyeliner can be a tricky and stressful process. It’s nearly impossible to get it just right and can often be uneven or smudged. 

However, imagine a scenario where your eyeliner is always perfect. These are the results you’ll get from permanent eyeliner! Our Richmond Hill permanent makeup artists are committed to providing you with the best possible results for your skin. You can always trust us with any permanent makeup procedure.

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Permanent Eyeliner that Saves Time and Effort

Applying eyeliner is not only frustrating, but it is also costly overtime. One of the biggest struggles in makeup is getting the eyeliner on just right. Whether there’s a smudge or one eye looks better than the other, there’s almost always an issue. If you’re fed up with this routine, why not consider permanent eyeliner? This amazing procedure offers a hassle-free solution to these problems. Permanent eyeliner saves you ample time in your morning routine and gives you that picture-perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Permanent Eyeliner Styles

How do you prefer your eyeliner? Dark, light, thick or thin? The great thing about our permanent eyeliner service is that we can perfect almost every design. We offer a variety of permanent eyeliner styles such as:

  • Lashline enhancement – space between lashes filled with colour making eyes looking bigger and enhancing natural lashes
  • Fine Eyeliner – similar to lashline drawn as a fine line, however Fine Eyeliner is  wider than the lashline enhancement accentuating natural beauty.
  • Classic Eyeliner – precise crisp line with a wing and lashline filled with colour
  • Velvet Eyeliner –  this is done similar to classic Eyeliner but with added shading to the outer corner of the eyelid

In addition to the styles above, we also provide correction and retouching for previous permanent liner treatments. To determine the type of permanent eyeliner for you, we take into account the look you want first. Dramatic, casual, minimalistic, or day makeup; we can give you any look you request.

Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Another factor to consider before selecting the design of permanent eyeliner is the shape. We apply the eyeliner so that it gives your natural eye shape more definition. You may address any questions or concerns in your initial consultation. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, so you have nothing to worry about.

Permanent Eyeliner Pros and Cons

Before you undergo permanent eyeliner, please consider the pros and cons. When booking a permanent liner appointment, you want to be fully educated about the process. To this end, we’ve listed some of the benefits and drawbacks of permanent liner.

Permanent Eyeliner Benefits

  • Daily flawless eyeliner results without the hassle
  • Saves time during your morning makeup routine
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • No more need for cosmetic application
  • Lush, impeccable results

Permanent Eyeliner Cons

  • Can cause slight pain, discomfort and swelling
  • The initial cost can be expensive

Think of permanent eyeliner as a long-term investment. The procedure is clear and simple, usually takes around 2 hours and the results are definitely worth it.

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Permanent Eyeliner Prices

Permanent eyeliner cost depends on what you get done. For more clarity, we’ve listed a simplified price breakdown below.

  • Upper eyeliner: $350 (one touch up included)
  • Permanent eyeliner touch-up (first 1-6 months): $115
  • Lashline enhancement: $250 (one touch-up included)
  • Lashline enhancement touch-up (first 1-6 monhs): $80

Please not that all prices are approximate, consultation in person needed to assess the amount of work and price for the procedure for each client. For more information about our prices, promos, and package deals, contact us directly.

Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare

For optimal results, it is essential to follow permanent eyeliner aftercare instructions properly. Here is what our permanent makeup artists recommend:

  1. Apply a very small amount of polysporin to the affected area for 2-3 days twice daily
  2. Avoid touching, scratching, or rubbing the area
  3. In case of swelling, apply a protected ice pack onto the eyeliner area
  4. Do not apply makeup on top of the pigment until the area fully heals
  5. Avoid scrubbing or picking the area
  6. To cleanse eyes, rinse with lukewarm water and clean hands.
  7. Avoid makeup removers and creams for the first week after the procedure

Permanent Eyeliner Q&A

Is permanent eyeliner painful?

This procedure is a form of tattooing, which means it is common to feel a little bit of discomfort. To make things less painful, we apply a local anesthetic to minimize the pain.

How long does permanent eyeliner last?

Each patient has different results, though on average, the procedure lasts between three and five years. We recommend touch ups as needed for the best maintenance.

How do I know if I’m the right candidate for permanent eyeliner?

We have a team of trusted permanent makeup artists that know whether this procedure is right for you. We evaluate your skin type and your desired look and perform the procedure accordingly.
If you have any chronic or acute eye conditions, recent eye surgeries, or have concerns in relation to permanent eyeliner, then you should consult your healthcare provider before making a decision to undergo eyeliner pmu procedure.  

Our clients visit our permanent makeup clinic from all over the GTA, including Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton, Barrie and more.

At Eclat Spa, we want to give you the glowing look you’ve always wanted. We are pleased to offer hassle-free beauty solutions, like permanent eyeliner, to make your life easier. We encourage you to give us a call to book an appointment. In the meantime, explore our social media for permanent eyeliner before and after photos.

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