Vit C, aka ascorbic acid, is powerful antioxidant fighting off damage from the sun and other environmental negative factors. Vit C used topically in many skincare products: serums, creams, toners, etc. Vit C helps to protect and repair your skin, enhances its beauty by protecting collagen and increasing its production.


Our bodies do not produce Vit C. It has to come from outside sources. When Vit C is taken as a supplement or food, only a small portion of it gets to the skin. The most effective way to use it then as a topical solution and apply it first thing in the morning.
The concentration and form of Vit C do matter. It has to be in its stable yet biologically active form – L-ascorbic acid – to last long enough to act as an effective skincare ingredient. 10 – 20% of L- ascorbic acid is a powerful and safe range of Vit C in skin products.


  • reduces wrinkles, by protecting existing collagen, elastin, and enhancing production of a new collagen
  • reduces hyperpigmentation aka liver spots caused by sun damage with out toxicity for melanocytes
  • neutralizes free radicals caused by UV exposure, pollutants, cigarette smoke, processed food etc. thus reducing inflammation and ageing changes in the skin from environmental and sun damage
  • helps with rosacea, acne, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. promotes wound healing


  • Great for all ages and skin types
  • Apply morning and night, might be applied every 8 hours to maximize protection from sun.
  • Sun reduces Vit C in the skin, so for maximum photo protection – apply after sun exposure as well
  • Vitamin C works synergistically with sunscreens for optimum protection from sun damage. Vitamin E aka tocopherol and glutathione added to the sunscreen and other skin products stabilize Vit C. Vit E increase Vit C potency by 300% when used together in a sunscreen.
  • Ferulitic acid increases Vitamin C absorption in skin by lowering skin’s ph level. Vit E with ferulitic acid increase Vit C action by up to 700% minimizing risks of sun-induced skin cancer.
  • Vit C degrades when exposed to light and has to be stored in a dark air tight container: dark walled bottles with drop delivery are the best for serums, tubes – for creams.
  • Watch for expiration date, and colour change of the Vit C skin product: turning dark yellow, orange, or brown – means the product oxidized and not effective anymore. Store Vit C skin products in a fridge to prolong their usage.

At Eclat Spa we have excellent skin products infused with Vit C both from AFA and Canadian Rejudicare product lines. We also have great sunscreens with Vit C and Vit E for maximum sun protection. Please contact us for more information and prices.