Yellow Retinol Peel

The mechanism of action of this peel is significantly different from other peels. Retinol of various strengths is used as a main ingredient in Retinol peels.

Additional substances that can be added to the peel include:

  • Salicylic acid for more intense exfoliation
  • phytic, azelaic, and kojic acid for skin whitening
  • vitamin C to enhance the antioxidant effect
  • and various herbal extracts for anti-inflammatory effect
  • A combination of tretinoin + hydroquinone is also possible

Such preparation can be used for melasma to lighten hyperpigmentation spots.

What is the fundamental difference between yellow peeling and all other chemical peels?

The fact is that yellow peel enhances skin regeneration without damaging it. How is this possible? Besides, after retinol peel, we also see peeling of the skin like with other chemical acid-based peels.

Explanation: Retinol starts renewal processes because it stimulates active cell division. This occurs due to interaction with the receptors of the nuclei of living cells.

Mechanism of action of retinol.

Retinol acts only on live skin cells through interaction with receptors in the cell nucleus. Retinol and its derivatives are highly soluble in fats and at the same time have a small molecular size. And this means that Rteinol easily penetrates the stratum corneum of the epidermis and enters living skin cells.

Why do retinoids easily penetrate the skin?

  •  they are lipophilic (easily soluble in fats)
  • they have small molecule size

Further, retinol commands the cells to make them function in a certain way:

  • To Self-divide
  • To produce certain substances such as hyaluronic acid and collagen
Yellow Retinol Peel richmond hill

 And the living cell of the epidermis, or keratinocyte, in response to the signals of retinoids, really divides more actively, due to which the calloused dead layer of the skin becomes thinner, and the number of living layers of the epidermis increases.

What does it give?

Effects of retinoids:

  •  increase in the number of layers of living cells of the epidermis -> elimination of hyperkeratosis -> softer and smoother skin
  •  decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands -> less oily skin
  •  increased activity of fibroblasts -> increased synthesis of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid -> more plump and younger-looking skin
  •  increased immune protection of the skin -> reduced inflammation and reduced swelling

From a practical point of view, the use of retinoids gives:

  •  smoothing superficial wrinkles and evening out of skin tone
  • Retinol also stimulates fibroblasts, which actively produce hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.
  •  increased regeneration of the skin
  •  improving skin tone, reduction of pores
  •  increase in skin elasticity and turgor, fine wrinkles reduction

It is for this property that retinol is so popular as a component of anti-aging regimens for the skin.

Retinol is a peel that does not destroy skin structures. When it comes into contact with skin structures, these structures are not destroyed, as when interacting with other acid-based peels.

Due to the stimulation of active cell division, the epidermis is renewed faster. And we see an accelerated transformation of epidermal cell layers.

Normally, the epidermis is renewed every 28 days.  After exposure to retinol peel, the rate of renewal increases three-fold on average. Peeling after yellow peel is not associated with exfoliation of damaged structures but with an acceleration of exfoliation of undamaged structures. After the procedure of retinol peeling, peeling will last for 7-8 days. Surprisingly, Retinol peels are considered deep medium peels despite the absence of damage to skin cells and therefore a short rehabilitation period post-procedure.

Indications for retinol yellow peeling:

  • Small wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Melasma        
  • Superficial acne scars

How often the yellow retinol peel should be done?

  • Several treatments are recommended – at Eclat Spa we have packages of 6 treatments (see pricelist)
  • Treatments can be done every 10-14 days

Side effects:

  • Retinol peels are painless and comfortable.
  • Some skin irritation and redness and minimal swelling is possible after the treatment.


  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation      
  • Planning to get pregnant

Retinoids are safe and well researched substances that have been around for many years. Research has shown that long term use of retinoids is safe, and therefore retinoids are very effective and safe to use for improving skin conditions and appearance of the skin.

Additionally, retinoids are safely used to treat pre-cancerous skin conditions such as Actinic keratoses caused by UV radiation.